Brittney is the marketing assistant for the Jane Campbell Team and after renting for most of her 20s, she bought a house for the first time.


The process of buying a house is something I talk about and hear about most days of the week as a teammate of Jane’s and in a bigger picture, Keller Williams Realty. The amount of hustle and dedication everyone puts forward is impressive and exhausting, in all the best ways possible.


I thought it was a little bit silly that so many people had so much stress about buying a house. Explaining one instance to my sister, I said, “It’s buying a house, not brain surgery or public speaking.”

I had these opinions until I started buying a house of my own. When clients called or we heard about a less-than-ideal situation, I giggled and judged a little. They talked as if it was the worst rollercoaster they’d ever been on.


I had seen the rollercoaster for MONTHS. I talked about the process of searching for a home on social media, in our monthly newsletter, and analyzed the market statistics to fold them into our strategy.


My partner and I started thinking through what we wanted and needed in a house. We decided the square footage and optimal location were pretty high on our priority list. Then talked through price and what were the must-haves on our list.


Jane walked us through a few homes and let us know that we’d likely be in a multiple offer situation for anything we liked in our price point. It seemed like we’d see a house on Sunday and by Wednesday, there would be a contract on it. It was a little disconcerting but I knew the house of our dreams was out there.

Jane knew it too and kept sending us houses that would fit our needs. After a few rounds of emails, my partner and I had realized we had different house expectations. I’d only lived in historic homes or ones my relatives had built for themselves. I loved having the old house experience. Built-ins were at the top of my wants list and old houses always had them. He’d lived in new construction and was wary of basements, original wood floors, and minimal air conditioning.


Another loop in our real estate rollercoaster was timing. Our rental agreement was switching from a yearly lease to a month-to-month agreement as the unit went into probate court. We didn’t know when it would be decided who our new landlord would be. We also didn’t know how quickly we’d find a house and be able to close.

Luckily, the stars aligned and we found the house. Our offer was accepted because of Jane’s expert negotiating skills and Meg’s quick hands setting up our paperwork.


Now, we’re onto the next phase which is getting our loan approved. We went with Scott Layden of NFM Lending, who is in Jane’s network that hustles and regularly helps people invest in real estate. It’s been a lot of paperwork and coordination so far but all manageable with the amazing amount of communication and education they’ve given us.