Some of you may not know these things about being a home buyer. Hopefully, we can clear up some of the confusion. If you have a question or are unsure of the buying or selling process, please reach out and send us a text or email, we would be happy to inform you. Knowledge is power!

1. You hire the Realtor!

Spend time interviewing a potential Realtor. Ask about their experience. Experience counts. How many homes did they sell last year? Do they work real estate full or part-time?

Looking online? Don’t rely on the listed agent…they don’t represent you, they are obligated to represent the seller’s interests.

Do you click? If you don’t, you can walk away. Realtors need to have your best interest at heart.

2. Who pays the Realtor commission?

Buyer’s don’t pay, the seller pays. It is basically free for you to hire a Realtor to help you buy a home.

3. We know Lots of People!

Before buying, we can recommend proven inspectors and loan officers. Over the years, we have tested, worked with, and culminated a network of trusted professionals. We are happy to share our connections with you!

After closing, we can recommend painters, handymen, roofers, and electricians.

4. Do you need a Realtor for New Homes?

Yes! Experience counts! Someone needs to make sure the builder fulfills his part of the sales contract.

New Home Sales Reps are there to represent the Builder.

5. We help Research the right home for you.

Anyone can Google available homes. Realtors can farm their extended professional network for upcoming homes in certain communities that you won’t be able to find online.

We can help to calculate weigh your needs and wants to focus your home search.

We can research if the listing price is fair? Are there other offers on the table?

We can share the house history, tax liens, short term owners, single owner history etc.

6. No, you don’t need 20% down to buy a house!

Recently, there are conventional loans with as low as 3% down. We have plenty of trusted Loan officers who can help to see what you could qualify for.

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